Get Your Own CPA-PCA Nametag

Actual size 3" x 1"

A lot of newer members have seen a lot of older members wearing the nametags member Bob Purgason made up a few years ago. Rather than pester Bob into making a whole new set, we’ve decided to go big-time and have tags made by a professional company.

We will have each tag individually custom-made to your requirements, within the template laid out below. You get three lines of text. Ideally this would be your name, how many years you've been a member (or your position within the club, if an officer), and what year and model Porsche you drive.

We’re working the bugs out of the system, but we estimate about a week to get the each tag produced. It will then be shipped to the address of your choice.

These tags are 3 inches wide, 1 inch tall, and 1/16" thick. They attach to a magnet on the inside of your shirt, so no pesky holes get punched in your expensive Porsche duds. Note: These are fairly strong magnets. Pacemaker wearers should use caution.

To order, use the form below to fill in your info and pay via PayPal.




1/16" Polyprofil

Estimated delivery:

1-2 weeks
(includes shipping)



Fill In Your Information:
Text will fill in exactly as typed. We take no responsibility for typographical errors. Layout of tag cannot be altered.

NOTE: Some members are reporting problems with the PayPal order form.
Until we get this figured out, tf you experience trouble, you can always log into PayPal yourself,
send $13.65 per tag to from within PayPal,
and then e-mail (separately, outside PayPal) your three lines of text to